ci stack laminator gravure pre-print slitter

KYMC America SFX:


The new generation of stack flexopress - the SFX has been developed based on our long term experience in the flexo industry. The ability to use water based inks and the quietness of operation makes this machine very environmentally friendly.

Based on prior experience the SFX carries an evolutionary design with shorter change over time required for front or reverse print, anilox roller, doctor blade, print cylinder and material rolls. This establishes the SFX as a competing choice when it comes to short-run operation.

Sleeve System:

The SFX stack flexo press has a worldwide reputation for high precision quality at maximum speeds and is now available with the optional sleeve system (cantilever design) for accelerated change over. This feature ensures a quicker return on investment even on short-run jobs.

  • No heavy plate cylinders - no hoisting, no labor injuries
  • one operator change over - reduce overhead
  • improve production - reduce change over to a minimum

Tooless Timing Belts:

The popular SFX stack flexo press has timing belt drive on the impression rollers, quiet running, excellent register for printing quality. The SFX has become an accepted, sought after press by printing companies worldwide.

Modern features eliminate the need to change gears for reverse print, simply change the direction of the timing belt and start printing. No tools are needed as timing belt tension is automatically controlled with a pneumatic cylinder on/off switches.

Video Inspection:

Custom built to your specification, from Video inspection to sleeve system, ceramic anilox rollers and doctor blade, the SFX stack press is a must for every printing company, guaranteed low overhead cost, a quick return on investment and more client orders.

Standard Features:

  • Monoblock cast iron machine frame design, vibration free at max speed
  • Quiteness and precise timing belt drive
  • Hydraulic drive to anilox roller with variable
  • Hydraulic throw off control during machine stoppage
  • Super fine micro impression control via precision gear box
  • Fast changeover for front and reverse print
  • Special taper lock design for print cylinder
  • Uniform ink application by big inking rollers
  • Auto tension control on unwind and rewind
  • Pneumatic marriage roller for continuous splicing
  • Cooling roller drive via AC vector motor with auto outfeed tension control
  • Pneumatic pinch roller control centralized lubrication system
  • High-velocity electrical drying system
  • Infeed web guider
  • Ink recirculating pump
  • Chamber-type enclosed doctor with ink injector
  • Laser engravured ceramic anilox roller

SFX Video:

Solid machine frame contruction with heavy gauge station design paired with precise tension control management system will ensure consistent and excellent production quality.

Optional Features:

  • Print sleeve system (cantilever design)
  • Outfeed web guider
  • Non-stop unwind
  • Non-stop rewind
  • Air shaft
  • Electrical hoists for loading and unloading plate cylinders and roll stock
  • Gas drying system
  • Print sleeve complete with gear (for sleeve press)
  • Plate cylinder complete with gear (for cylinder press)

InFlex Stack (SFX In-Line):

We also offer an In-line version up to six colors to complement in-line coating, extrusion, bag making and sheeter converting equipment. The InFlex has its own dancer roller assembly with position detection for automatic speed synchronization. The machine is driven by AC vector motor with vector drive syncronized with line speed through a tension detection system.

Every printing deck is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch to adjust registration without interrupting the main production line. The InFlex can handle a wide range of flexible packaging materials such as PE, PP, paper and more.

All printing decks are equipped with differential gear for rapid 360ยบ register adjustment without stopping the main production line.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy cast iron machine frame preventing vibration even at high speed
  • Transmission between impression and plate cylinder by means of an electromagnetic clutch
  • Precision impression control via gear box
  • Electric dryers
  • Automatic and manual speed control
  • Hydraulic motor for idle drive of the rubber or anilox roll
  • Centralized lubrication
  • Certificate of compliance with CE norms

Optional Features:

  • Enclosed chamber doctor blade inking system
  • Laser engraved ceramic coated anilox roller
  • Video inspection system
  • Gas burner
  • Pneumatic ink pumps
  • Automatic edge position control

Six Color Stack:

Eight Color Stack:

# of Colors 4 / 6 / 8
Machine Speed 990 FPM
Web Width
Print Repeat (inches) 11.81-31.49 (39.37/47.24)
Gear Pitch 5mm,10mm 10DP, 1/4"CP
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