ci stack laminator gravure pre-print slitter

KYMC America Smart Slitting/Rewinder/Inspection:

PSB Slitter & Rewinder

  • Auto tension control on unwind
  • Surface rewinding for tight and big rolls
  • Auto line positioning on unwind
  • Razor blade and rotary knife
  • Easily raised rewind arms of unloading slit rools
  • AC main motor drive
  • Air shaft
  • Air chucking system on unwind
  • Hydraulic arms for loading of parent roll

PSN Slitter & Rewinder

Slitter especially engineered for all kinds of plastic films and laminations, plain or printed. Rewind shafts with self-friction differentials compensate automatically for uneven materials.

  • Auto tension control on unwind
  • Center rewinding with semi-auto tension control
  • Automatic compensation for unevenness in material or print
  • Auto line positioning on unwind
  • Razor blade and rotary knife

Smart Slitter & Rewinder

The smart series slitting & rewinding machine is the latest designed machine incorporated with the most advanced vector drives on the main drive and the rewind. Tension and speed control are fully automatic operated via touch screen interface. The infeed web drawing use vacume draw roller, best suit for handing the thin film or low tension materials.

  • Conventional razor blade cutting are supplied as standard
  • Duplex center winding with AC vector drive and differential core holder for trouble free rewound of unevenly thick materials
  • Automatic tension control on unwind by means of electromagnetic brake
  • The unwind shaft can be swing out for easy loading of reel
  • Web guiding system is provided to scan the edge of the web or printed area

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