ci stack laminator gravure pre-print slitter

KYMC America Megaflex Pre-Print Belt Press:


The Megaflex in-line Flexo printing press is a state-of-the-art equipment. The enormous print repeat capability allows this press to handle widest range of products demanding from today's market. The press consists of the most advanced servo drive and computer control system, providing high quality print at high speed. User friendly designed touch screen operation, simple and easy to run.

The Megaflex uses the exclusive plate carrier belt design, eliminating the use of print sleeves or cylinders, saving operation costs and offering the fastest change over on job change.

Fully Servo Driven:

Full servo drives on each of printing sections, and are controlled through industrial network system, providing extreme accurate control on print registration and impression control.

Unwind and Rewind:

The unwind consists two reel stands with auto loading position control for easy load of paper roll. Auto flying splice is provided for non stop operation while change rolls. Tension controlled are fully automatic controlled.

Servo drives surface winding system with automatic tension control guarantee best winding quality at good hardness. Automatic reel changeover for non stop operation.

Centralized Control Desk:

Centralized control and monitoring system with clear structured graphic for easy operation. Machine functioning are PC based industrial network controlled, software in Windows platform, user friendly touch screen operation available in 5 different languages.

Remote Control Consoles:

Remote control consoles are placed on each side of printing station for easy and convenient of operation. All the parameter setting on each console are automatically synchronized updating to the central data base.


Control Cabinet:

Air conditioned electric cabinet located on the mezzanine floor, all wiring comply with CE regulation. Electric components are supplied from branded European and/or Japanese supplier.

Drying System

Infrared drying system for curing, automatic output control subject to the size of print area. Auto power shut off when the machine stop.

Gas drying system is available as an option.
UV curing system provided for uv varnish coating.

Machine Automation:

  • Auto print position control
  • Auto inking position control
  • Auto pre-register control
  • Auto print register control
  • Auto drying output control
  • Auto tension control
  • Auto tension control for plate carrier belt
  • Auto fault diagnostic system
  • Auto clean to doctor blade chamber
  • Auto PH control for water base ink
  • Auto ink level control for ink tank
  • Auto infeed and outfeed web guide
  • Auto web viewing system and/or defect detection
  • Auto machine stop when web break

Optional Item:

  • Auto cleaner
  • Auto inspection system
  • Plate mounting and proofing machine
  • Plate carrier cutting machine
  • Rail system for roll loading

Model 1300
Web Width 13.77 - 53.14
Print Width 11.81 - 51.18
Print Repeat 15.75 - 51.18
Print Speed 985 FPM
Max Diameter 59.05

Model 1600
Web Width 17.71 - 64.96
Print Width 15.75 - 63
Print Repeat 39.37 - 98.42
Print Speed 985 FPM
Max Diameter 59.05

Model 2000
Web Width 21.65 - 80.71
Print Width 19.68 - 78.74
Print Repeat 39.37 - 98.42
Print Speed 985 FPM
Max Diameter 59.05
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