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KYMC America FlexoJet FX-S:


The FLEXOJET has proven itself as a versatile flexo printing press, with a high degree of precision engineering to produce excellent printing quality and register holding, to give our clients an advantage over competitors. The result of over 30 years experience and innovative design is low maintenance that is a trademark of KYMC presses, reducing down time and increasing profit.

The FLEXOJET is available in two models, one with conventional print cylinders and one with quick change over sleeve system on anilox and print cylinders. As with all KYMC presses, the central drum is imported from Italy and all major components fitted, are supplied by well know brand leaders specializing in the packaging industry.

Custom built your own press with the options available for the FLEXOJET at a price you can afford !!


  • Non-stop turret type rewind
  • Video scanning/inspection system
  • Enclosed chamber doctor blade inking system
  • Automatic infeed edge guide
  • Ceramic anilox sleeve in various line count
  • Automatic horizontal sequential throw-off control
  • Motorized print register control
  • Motorized quick movement of printing decks
  • Extended drying tunnel for faster printing speed
  • Automatic tension control on unwind and rewind
  • Double hydraulic deck ock while printing
  • Quick cleaning system for doctor blade chamber
  • Micrometric kiss impression control
  • Air shaft on unwind and rewind

Six Color Press with Optional Flying Splice Unwind

Motorized Change Decks

Motorized printing decks and automated horizontal sequential throw-off reducing the need for plate cleaning is a standard feature.

Deck positioning is programmed and done by their respective motors, with a sleeve system for the print and anilox rollers as a standard feature, for short runs and quick change over. Motor cross bars are eliminated by the individual deck motors, AC servo, that directly connect to the ball screws via couplings.

Dual Mandrel Change

The FX-S model is a quick changeover press in an affordable yet high quality package based on multiple generations spanning 30 years. It is a modern press with dual cantilevered sleeve system (fixed mandrels) which allows the operator to make sleeve changes in less than one minute on both the print and anilox print station. This makes it especially ideal for short run production.

Deck motors, AC servo, are directly connected to the ball screws by couplings. Supports of both printing and anilox air mandrels move on high precision linear guides. The liner guide is pre-loaded without any backlash, to avoid any lock-down needs. Anti-impact safety device is employed.

Kiss Impression for low dot gain

An automatic print pressure setting system is supplied for fast set up of impression to reduce waste in the initial set up stage.

All the requirements to obtain and hold tight register and low dot gain are standard machine features. Selecting from a list of options, one can achieve the perfect balance depending on specific needs. KYMC takes pride in working with some of the best sub-suppliers in the world.

KYMC Quick-wash

KYMC continues their innovation with their quick wash system for efficient cleaning of doctor blade chambers, anilox rolls and ink hoses. This system uses much less solvent than any other system on the market. The system can also be used with water base inks.

Turret Flying Splice

Another standard is KYMC's turret flying splice rewind with European phantom axis compact design. An optional flying splice rewind is available but not standard to keep the FLEXOJET cost to a minimum.


  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • BOPP
  • CPP
  • PET
  • PP
  • Paper
  • Cellophane
  • Aluminumium foil
  • Laminates
  • Flexible Packaging etc

# of Colors 6 / 8 / 10
Machine Speed 990 FPM
Material Width (inches) 26.37
Printing Width
Roll Diameter 31.49 (39.37)
Repeat Length 14.17 - 31.49
Max Roll Diameter 23.62 (31.49/39.37)
Drying system Electric/ Gas/ Steam /Oil
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