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Changing market conditions have driven a demand for a new approach to printing folding cartons, paper products, cut and stack, shrink sleeve labels, lidding materials, multi-wall paper bags and pre-printed corrugated paperboard. With tighter margins, higher print quality demands, shorter run lengths and faster turnarounds, quick change presses are now a requirement.

After 44 years of experience, KYMC introduces the Moduflex at Drupa 2012. A Servo driven, electronic line-shaft press via (Rexroth/Indramat) that provides fast register set up and tighter registers tolerances.

Mid-web Moduflex press is a 870 mm (34.25") web width; with either UV flexo, Hot air drying, or both for short run folding cartons roll to roll or with rotary die cutting and a sheeter/stacker. Solutions for shrink sleeve or cut and stack label markets can also be addressed for this mid-web press with a print repeat range of 300 mm (11.8") to 800 mm (31.5"). Multiple SKU's can be run easily on this press.

Wide-web Moduflex press accepts web widths from 1070 mm (42") to 2000 mm (78.75"), with a print repeat range of 380 mm (15") or 400 mm (15.75") min. up to 1300 mm (51") max.

The Moduflex is a dual sleeve design for both the plate and anilox for fast job changes. The AC servo direct drive on both the anilox and plate sleeve mandrels means infinitely variable repeats with no gear changes, gear marks or gear pitch problems. The result is a real advantage for printing various thickness materials.

  • The Modular approach means you can put Gravure, Offset and Rotary Screen units in-line. You can add Holograph (authenticity and security), Rotary or Flat Bed Die cutting with stackers or sheet cutters in-line.
  • Zero backlash of deck position control for impression setting. Printing and anilox mandrel movement is achieved through high precision circulating ball type feeding screws, activated by four motors for each station.
  • Deck motors and servos directly connected to the ball screws by couplings.
  • Supports of both printing and anilox air mandrels move on high precision linear guides. The liner guide is pre-loaded without any backlash, to avoid any lock-down needs. Anti-impact safety device is employed.
  • Automatic register setting and automatic running register controls (optional) through either Eltromat or BST not only reduces set up waste; it also maintains close running register tolerances.
  • Water base hot air dryers either flexo type or the vertical gravure type depending on the drying requirements or UV flexo or a combination of both can be supplied depending on what you are printing and FDA requirements.
  • KYMC QUICK-WASH system for efficient cleaning of doctor blade chambers, anilox rolls and ink hoses for water base inks. This system uses less cleaning solutions than any other system on the market.
  • Various unwinds and rewinds can be supplied based on requirements.
  • Electron Beam is another option for printing or coatings operations.

Euroflex CI

The EUROFLEX is KYMC's most advanced next generation High Speed Gearless CI Flexo Press built on a vibration dampening Mono-block heavy duty platform. The Mono-block frames are 4" thick for 8 and 10 colors for speeds up to 1500 FPM.

Euroflex the latest European standard gearless flexo press is argueably the best value to quality gearless press in the market, pairing modern European components and design with smart Taiwan technology at affordable equipment that allow you to stay in the competitive edge. The press is equipped with advanced automatic register preset system as well as the automatic print pressure setting for reduced waste.

The Euroflex integrates a new generation computerized job management system which incorporates auto deck position control, auto print sleeve ejection system and auto wash system, makes Euroflex one of the fastest change machines in the market. The reduced set up time also minimizes waste making it ideal for both short and long production runs.

The EUROFLEX is built with the same precision and technology from our experience building the gearless and CNC while making additional improvements. All printing stations are controlled with a high degree of accuracy to ensure excellent printing quality and a good price/value ratio on your investment.

Euroflex Video

  • Fully Servo and direct drive drum driven
  • Auto impression setting
  • Auto pre-register setting
  • Machine speed over 1500 FPM
  • AC vector drives PLC controlled - full auto tension control
  • Operator friendly designed touch screen operation.
  • Flying splice operation at maximum speed.
  • Air shafts with safety chucks for easy change over.
  • Available for 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm roll diameter.
  • Easy Operator touch screen control and memory management
  • Shaftless chucking system available.

Monoblock & Deck Positioning

The modern monoblock design is made from thick 4" single block molds that minimize traditional block sections. The mass sections run the length of the CI drum and decks to significantly reduce vibration at all speeds while facilitating quick change over windows.

In addition, stablizing printing deck bars are solidly joined between either side of the monoblock design to additionally decrease vibration to a minimum for the most accurate registration at higher speeds.

Deck positioning is precise to 1 micron through direct coupling servo motors, with simultaneous sleeve changes of the print and anilox rollers including an automatic push out feature for quick change overs helpful for short runs. Motor cross bars are eliminated by the individual deck motors, AC servo, that directly connect to the ball screws via couplings.

Fully Servo and Direct Drive CI

Euroflex uses a Direct Drive Central Drum via torque motor from Rexroth/Indramat, for extreme precision to the direct AC servo drives (Indramat) on both the plate and anilox sleeve mandrels to guarantee the best print register tolerance during running.

Full servo drives on each print stations and are controlled through industrial network system, providing extreme accurate control on print registration and impression control.

Automatic Pre-Register

The Euroflex uses both an automatic pre-register and setting system by Eltromat using the webvideo Star 2000 Modul fast flexo Profibus-interface for reduced waste.

For more information on Eltromat Register system click here.

Auto Impression Setting

The Euroflex uses both an automatic pre-register and auto impression setting system by integrating the Eltromat star 2000 system for reduced waste. The auto set technology automates the ink deck setting for plate and anilox rollers simultaneously, saving hundreds of feet of waste during press start up.

    Modul fast flexo auto set tech, Profibus-interface:
  • Fully-automatic impression setting of anilox and plate rolls
  • Simultaneous setting of all printing units
  • Connection to the press via PROFIBUS
  • Measurement of specially combined mark pattern (CI register and fast setting)
  • Measurement of mark pattern at several positions possible
  • Fully integrated and optimized sequence of ink deck setting with length and side register control.

The final print position can be saved for repeat production. The drives will be activated for "Home searching" automatically after the saved print position is recalled.

Eight Color Printing Press

Ten Color Printing Press

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