ci stack laminator gravure pre-print slitter

KYMC America Proof and Plate Mounting:

MPM: Mounting Proofing Machine

  • Easy to use and operator friendly
  • Saving press down time and waste (no re-mounting)
  • Increasing print register quality
  • Provide a proof to confirm print job specifications( for MPM model )
    a. mirror viewing system
    b. constant working height
    c. possibility to accept plates from 100 mm up to full width
    d. video system: 2 high resolution CCD cameras and monitors
  • Available OPTION:
    a. mandrel for sleeve system

SM: Plate Mounting Machine for Sleeve
Smart Mount

    High resolution CCD camera
  • High resolution CCD cameras mounted on the linear guide with auto positioning control via stepping motor.
  • Digital control and display of camera position to within one micron accuracy.
  • Memory data base for camera position record.
    Servo drive plate cylinder
  • Cantilever designed air mandrel for sleeve mounting. Mandrel can be custom made.
  • Servo driver to plate cylinder with the accurate resolution of 1/10000 of turn
  • Double bearing support for accurate setting of plate cylinder
  • Quick opening clamp for sleeve change
    17'' TFT LCD touch screen monitor

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